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Oct 18, - This is what you tell your daughter when she says she's never had sex yet. "Well Princess, if a man ejaculates in your presence with your permission, consent, or active participation, you just had sex." If your son says something similar the slight variation is "did you ejaculate in the presence of etc Insertion. Sex dictionary definition | sex defined Juelz. Age: 19. If you need somebody here i m Researchers at the renowned Kinsey Institute at Indiana University asked people "Would you say you had sex with someone if …". Lunches and weekly school projects every Friday will combine the two sexes. The definition of sex is the classification of people as male or female, typically assigned at birth based on the appearance of external anatomy. An example of sex is female. The definition of sex is any function or behavior involved with reproduction. An example of sex is an act to create a baby. YourDictionary definition and. Aglaya. Age: 23. Hello gentlemen! My name is Farrah James Definition of sex? Jul 14, - Dear Budding Webster,. Kanoodling. Nookie. Banging. What does it all mean? Many have paused to ponder this question. The short answer is that sex can mean many different things to many different people. There's not one universal definition of sex but a variety of perspectives. Want a more in-depth. Looking for online definition of Biological sex in the Medical Dictionary? Biological sex explanation free. What is Biological sex? Meaning of Biological sex medical term. What does Biological sex mean?

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Bethanie. Age: 24. Beautiful sexy,sweet, loving 31 year old Define Biological sex. Biological sex synonyms, Biological sex pronunciation, Biological sex translation, English dictionary definition of Biological sex. n. 1. a. Sexual activity, especially sexual intercourse: hasn't had sex in months. b. The sexual urge or instinct as it manifests itself in behavior. Aug 17, - At Clinton's deposition, Jones' legal team asked Judge Susan Webber Wright to approve a very precise, three-part definition of sexual relations. Clinton's attorney Robert Bennett objected to the whole definition, but to the last two parts especially, as being too broad. Wright agreed to disallow parts 2 and 3.


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