380 full metal jacket penetration 9mm

Test ammo:1) Remington Golden Saber HP 2) Silver Bear HP 3) G Eco FMJ. Hollow Point vs. FMJ. Hollowpoints vs FMJ for 9mm Adrianna. Age: 21. My photos are recent and 100% Genuine! In Life I am Much more hotter than in my Photos! Yet a broadhead arrow will cause significant more damage and thus is more likely to incapacitate its victim. May 23, - There's an unwritten rule of firearm ammunition: use hollow points for your carry/home defense guns and use full-metal jacket (FMJ) for practice. This is mainly 9mm gr Federal FMJ vs gr Federal Hydrashok, Top. That's not to . Over penetration is a civil concern not a stopping power concern. Deauxma. Age: 26. No sexual services More on Overpenetration – What About FMJ’s? Sep 23, - Should I carry jacketed hollow points or full metal jacket ammo in a pocket sized for concealed carry in public? I see legal I carry FMJ in mys simply because I want as much penetration as possible. I suspect you .. Later she upgraded to a 15 capacity 9mm but kept the same strategy. At the time. Apr 26, - It feeds Remington Golden Sabre JHP reliably but am wondering if I'm better off using FMJ as a defensive load for better penetration. I've even toyed with the idea In 9mm Luger it is possible to get adequate penetration with hollow points (generally with grain and up). If someone knows of a

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Monique. Age: 22. My pictures are real,if you like what you see,give me a call and we can spend one or more hours together Nov 6, - Even in a relatively weak caliber like ACP, an FMJ will easily be able to penetrate 22 to 25 inches of ballistic gelatin — and anything over 18″ is considered And for any caliber more powerful than (such as 38 Special, 9mm, 10mm, Magnum, Sig, 40 S&W, 45 ACP, or 45 Colt) there's no. Caliber Automatic Colt Pistol (ACP) Bullet Type:Full Metal Jacket Bullet Weight GR Muzzle Energy ft lbs. Muzzle Velocity fps. Rounds Per Box Rounds Per Box, 20 Boxes Per Case Game Category:Personal Defense Fragmentation: Casing Material: Penetration Factor: NOTICE: The 9mm Browning. Dec 14, - I don't even know where to start, but you're wrong. 9mm FMJ will over penetrate more than say 45ACP. Some of the only calibers that should be FMJ for concealed carry would be rounds like ACP, 25 ACP etc that are small and underpowered. FMJ 9mm is more likely to punch clean through a body and.


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