Can t feel my orgasm

Nov 4, - I've never experienced this before – I've always had that nice 'burning' feeling at the end of my penis at the point of ejaculation. I eat quite healthily, I work in IT, and do not have a particularly stressful job, and I can't identify any single thing that happened six months ago that would cause this. Ironically, six. Ejaculating but feeling no orgasm - Urology - MedHelp Daisy. Age: 28. I am based in the south of tenerife (canary islands, spain), but i am very often on tour somewhere in the world It is very frustrating. Mar 25, - Ejaculation and orgasm are usually experienced together, but are actually two separate things. Tell your doctor about the lack of orgasmic sensation when ejaculating, so he or she checks for nerve damage, or other possible physiological issues. Sexual dysfunction can be a sign of an underlying physical. Elaina. Age: 27. hi my name is cristina, i am nice and easy going, fun loving and sociable. Can't feel my orgasm?!?!? Sep 2, - It can be so frustrating to feel yourself right on the edge of something awesome, only to wind up feeling like you've blocked yourself. Orgasms can If you think this may be the case for you, check out my handy primer to knowing what an orgasm feels like, and read these descriptions from five real women. Aug 30, - I'm not sure how to say this but when I ejaculate I barely feel any sensation at all. When I first When I first discovered masturbation (about 12 years if age- I am now 17), my orgasms were amazingly strong but now, for some reason, I don't feel anything. I know this It's the very best course you can take.

Sable best orgasm ive ever had

Ingrid. Age: 21. College student in need of a little extra help Jul 10, - Except, when I normally would orgasm (and ejaculate) it builds up to the "peak" and normally where it would "release," I ejaculate, but do not orgasm. All feeling goes away after the build-up and I don't feel any orgasm at all. It's worth noting I've always had a very low sex drive, but have had absolutely no. As nothing more than a user of the male anatomy, rather than a medically trained expert, I would say that what you describe isn't at all normal, and would probably indicate a medical condition that needs treating. I would therefore visit a doctor. Feb 8, - I'm sexually active, and it feels amazing. But when I have an "orgasm" it's just not as exciting as everyone says. I cant tell that I'm having an orgasm, besides the fact that there's a lot more juices than normal and i breath heavy afterwards. Is there something wrong with me? I dont feel warm or like i need to.


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