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i have too much time on my hands visuals (c) Madhouse Studio, audio (c) Dan Howell. Anime Feet: Death Note: Misa's Socked Feet (Bonus) Latoya. Age: 28. make u sleep very good I wouldn't be suprised if this ever had turned up in the manga. Jul 21, - Do you remember the weird scene in Death Note where L massages Light's feet? ○ SPOILERS This scene is actually a metaphor for how in the the Bible, Jesus cleaned Judas's feet right before Judas betrayed Jesus. Light finds this weird but L just says I think L was just doing a mock worship to Kira. Patricia. Age: 26. XOXO Death Note Aug 15, - Foot fetish. "What a terrible rainstorm." His hands abandon the towel on his head and he stalks closer. You can tell he's feeling weird about the sneakers he's wearing, for what must be the first time in his life. He looks rather funny like this. With the semi-wet towel on his head. But you don't do this. You don't. Jan 4, - For me to do a tribute to a girl's socked feet, one of three things has to occur. The girl has to be really really pretty, the pictures of her socked feet have to be really really good or the situation involving her socked feet has to be a really good scene. In the case of Death Note's Misa Amane It's all of the above.

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Roni. Age: 30. Kimi - Escort Munich: an Independent, High Class Escort Lady, is the perfect companion for the demandful gentleman Feb 28, - Notes: This is basically the 'Netflix and Chill' equivalent of fanfic. Don't take this too seriously ;) (and don't read this if you respect me ahahahah). Written for Lawlight week, and for the prompt I got a while back: LxLight, foot worship. XD Set in 'ghosts in the machine'-verse, but really isn't deliberately related. Jan 30, - I swore I'd only submit art when I had something decent, but alas, I haven't really drawn since the end of November. That is until the other day, when I suddenly felt inspired to draw again, so here's a stupid/funny comic sketch thing of Death Note!. Read Fetishes from the story Chocolate Robots (Death Note Oneshots) by Tash with gerardbapt.infot. Finally! I just noticed how often these appear in fanfic.


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