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Though most Thais find it difficult not to cleanse their anus with water, most of the shopping malls do not provide health faucets since they are considered to be dirty and could make it hard for them to keep the bathrooms clean. Owing to its ethnic diversity, restrooms in Malaysia often feature a combination of anal cleansing. How do girls keep their buttholes so clean? : NoStupidQuestions Aryana. Age: 29. Why does Santa Claus have a big sack??? Please do not answer by only dropping a link and do not tell users they should "google it. Joke responses at the parent-level will be removed. Mar 1, - It's not a comforting feeling, but we've all been there, staring down some threatening 1-ply or a half-naked toilet paper roll with no replacement in sight. claims an especially powerful bidet resulted in anal fissures in one patient. It seems when it comes to cleaning your butt, it's generally a shitty situation. ↩. Heather. Age: 30. Very discreet & non rushed friendly environment always ! Douching 101: Bryanboy's Guide to Cleaning Your Ass Before Engaging in Anal Sex Assuming you're talking about porn bumholes: enemas. keeping them hairless. bleaching. what is essentially a genital/bumhole team, dedicated to the aesthetics of their genitals/bumholes. For women that don't have those kinds of resources, probably just the fact that they are less hairy makes wiping much. Which way of cleaning the butt is better, the one in India where you use water and your hand or the Western way where you use tissue paper? What would it take to get a . Those who use water to wash swear by it, and those who use only toilet paper also seem to think that their practice is the best. Let us compare them.

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Alena. Age: 22. My sessions are for the gentleman looking for sensual massage (FBSM) Dec 4, - Many guys aren't cleaning their butts effectively. We've got the expert-approved guide to impeccable anal hygiene, including how to wipe and wash. Mar 29, - 8) Wash your ass with soap and water. And there you have it. Your ass is good to go and you can now star in your own gangbang creampie video. You can even let guys felch you. It's fun! Remember: mineral water is your best friend. Email me bitches! My email address is [email protected] or SMS. If we were always clean “down there”, we would not need underwear. But, we are not meant to always be totally clean. In between shower routines, you may resort to witch-hazel or flushable baby-wipes, but be sure they are unscented and free of any additives like alcohol. Even the best wipe can dry out your skin—be.


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