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Sep 25, - The 13 Most Surprising Things About Being A Porn Star (According To Porn Stars) When we look at porn stars, they seem to be otherworldly, larger than life figures. So, because we don't know what it's like being a porn star and have our own misconceptions, we asked adult film. This Is What It's Actually Like To Work As A Female Porn Star Abbey. Age: 29. A dream come true for the discerning gentleman who truly enjoys the company of a mature and sensuous woman with a playful spirit and long sexy legs in stockings, garters and high heels The best way to do that is with an enema. Oct 20, - This article originally appeared on VICE Germany. As you'd expect, there was a lot to see at the VENUS International Erotic Trade Fair in Berlin from the 12th to the 15th of October But despite all the beautiful people, sex dolls and spectacular fetish performances, I was actually struck most by the. Donna. Age: 21. Peace and love to everyone call me to have those wild thoughts tamed This Is What It's Actually Like To Work As A Female Porn Star Oct 28, - KM: It is so difficult to answer that question due to the popularity of free porn, but I do see there being larger divisions of certain niches. Studios have to find out what their viewers like and make more of it – create an online community in order to keep your fanbase put and to give them a reason to actually pay. Apr 26, - Apart from being a way to relieve stress, build endurance and, you know, have a nice time, watching some pornography might be more than just an illicit, harmless way to explore your fantasies β€” it could actually inspire a career change. That being said, believe it when we say that every guy β€” and yep.

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Vanessa. Age: 28. I am flawlessly beautiful, I am promise you will be blown away with my beauty when you meet me Mar 31, - I am not into being hurt, so I choose not to work those types of scenes. [In a BDSM scene] I'm a dominatrix. I'm normally the one in control of the hardcore S&M. I'm not prejudiced, but I'm not interested in bisexual men, because men who are bi go back and forth from gay to straight [porn], and gay porn stars. Jenna Jameson's Twenty-Five Good Reasons Why No One Would Ever Want to Become a Porn Star: 1. Being a pornography performer can be bad for your emotional, mental, and physical health, and you will likely get sick at times as a result of your work. β€œAnd so it began. I woke up at five every morning and got to the. Apr 23, - You might think being a male porn star is easy. Have sex for a living? That's a piece of cake. So, what can some of the biggest woodsmen in the porn business teach us about work? As it turns out, guys who get it up for a paycheck have something to offer when it comes to career advice. I heard from seven.


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