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Bomis was a dot-com company founded in by Jimmy Wales, Tim Shell and Michael Davis. Its primary business Bomis created and hosted web rings around search terms popular among male users. It included But he said he was correcting an error, and disputed the characterization of Bomis Babes as soft porn. Bomis - WikiVisually Rebecca. Age: 21. People go to Vegas, and they don't know what to do Link wheels started out when some people realized that one way search engines worked page rankings was that the more links a site had going to it the better the page rank. Dec 20, - In an interview with Wired News, Wikipedia leader Jimmy Wales renewed his objection to the statement that Bomis Babes was pornographic: The Bomis Babes homepage now contains nothing but the message "Hi, mom!" Saint appears on the Bomis entry of the French and Luxembourgian editions Missing: webrings. Bella. Age: 23. It is my real pleasure introducing myself to you Did You Know Wikipedia Was First Funded By A Porn Site Started By Its Founder Jimmy Wales? Sep 8, - The website was first funded with money that its founder, Jimmy Wales, earned through his previous site, which relied heavily on soft porn for its revenues. Source: Imgur. Yes, that is true. Jimmy Wales launched a web portal called back in While it was a 'guy-oriented search engine'  Missing: webrings. Working from the Open Directory Project, Bomis created and maintained hundreds of webrings on topics related to lad culture. In the company introduced the Bomis Browser, which helped users block online pop-up ads. Its webring on Star Wars was considered a useful resource for information on Star Wars: Episode I.

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Morgana. Age: 18. ey boys "Bomis created and hosted web rings around search terms popular among male users. It included "Bomis Babes", which was a . Just like Wikipedia's initial funding came from Porn portals through Bomis, Bitcoin hit the world for all bad reason - Silk Road. But the way Mr. Wales is now treating Bitcoin, only. But I'm sure he could afford to pay himself a decent salary, because Bomis had been making good money in recent years on ads from the Bomis' "web rings" directory as well as its pay softcore porn site, Bomis Premium. (If they had any other sources of money, I didn't know about them.) When we started Wikipedia, Bomis. Apr 29, - Its primary business is the sale of advertising on the search portal. It was founded by [the current head of Wikipedia] Jimmy Wales and Tim Shell, and provided support for the free encyclopedia projects Nupedia and Wikipedia. On the site, Bomis creates and hosts web rings around.


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