Lesbians have an orgasm rate

Feb 24, - A recently published survey of 52, adults has backed up a longstanding piece of conventional wisdom about orgasms: Men have a lot more of them than women. When asked how often they orgasmed while getting “sexually intimate” in the past month, 95 percent of straight male participants said they. A survey found that lesbians give women way more orgasms than men. Wonder why? Pina. Age: 30. Available for global travel bookings At least part of the reason that lesbian women are more likely to climax is because they are more likely to take turns receiving pleasure until each is satiated, according to the report. Aug 19, - Lesbians are apparently having better sex than straight women. Although responses from the male participants did not vary much based on sexual orientation — heterosexual men reported an percent orgasm rate, gay men percent, and bisexual men percent — responses from women. Pristine. Age: 21. Hello Gentlemen, I want you to live out your fantasy of being with a nubian goddess A Survey Found That Lesbians Give Women Way More Orgasms Than Men. Wonder Why? Feb 23, - Maybe, but heterosexual women may get much more sex than lesbians. It may be that as a percentage of sexual acts, heterosexual women have fewer orgasms, but overall they may get more. Lesbians in long-term relationships tend to indulge in less sex than heterosexuals according to some studies (e.g. Feb 22, - Sad fact: Men have more orgasms than women and experts have known this since the '50s. Ninety-five percent of them said that was the case, followed by gay men (89 percent), bisexual men (88 percent), lesbian women (86 percent), bisexual women (66 percent), and, in dead last, straight women (

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Sea. Age: 28. th ebony muse Feb 27, - In what could be proof that men are useless in bed, a new study has found they are much less likely to orgasm during sex than lesbians. While 95 per cent of straight men always orgasm during sex, less than two thirds (65 per cent) of women do, according to a study of more than 50, people. But the. Aug 19, - According to a new study, lesbians have more orgasms than straight or bi women, but we're all still having less orgasms than men. According to the Huffington Post, there wasn't much variation among men: "heterosexual men reported an percent orgasm rate, gay men percent, and bisexual. Aug 19, - Lesbians are having more orgasms than other women, according to science. New research published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine shows distinct differences in orgasm rates across sexual orientations, indicating that women who regularly have sex with women climax more frequently than women who.


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