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If you roam the AFRMA site and want to return to the page I've listed below on Sexing , here is the direct link: gerardbapt.info Careful: Separate baby boy and girl rats from each other, and the boys from their mother, by age 5 weeks, or the females will become pregnant and you'll start all over again! Sexing Your Rats Aurelia. Age: 20. Hi! I am Vanessa Depending on their age, those can be checked for! The biggest, angriest and scariest rat you might have ever seen! - Duration: LetUsWatchAnimals 2, Persia. Age: 21. Top class girl available in vilnius and traveling worldwide. Sexing Rats: Sexing Baby Rats 101 - AFRMA Thank you so much Julie! This is concise and direct.. very very helpful. Six weeks we live trap and relocate. After they reach the age of about 5 weeks, rats are easier to sex than many other small rodents. The males have obvious genitalia; the females do not. Look at the underside of your rat under the base of the tail. If you can see furry testicles, you have a boy. If you don't, she's a girl. Mature male rats often are substantially.

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Allegra. Age: 30. Curious?.... Please contact me. If any of you have rats with Dagmar's Dart Maul in the line, then you will have rats related to him. He has a very sweet temperament and put up with lots of prodding and poking from me to take these pictures. And this is Greenmann's Erma Dart. She is another Topaz Dumbo bred by me, and she is Angus's girlfriend! The baby. Sexing Rats. While it may be easy to properly sex adult rats, sexing babies is something many people find difficult. Rats are sexually mature as young as 5 weeks of age, so making sure you have them sexed right and separated by 5 weeks can help avoid the headache of unwanted or accidental litters. 1 Day Old – Male on. May 10, - I found this extremely concerning, since I know how young rats can start breeding. I have gone through an accidental litter before myself (my rat Hana was pregnant from the place that I got her) and was successfully able to sex all of the babies and rehome them, so I have offered to help him out. My only  Baby rat sexing - Rat Forum.


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