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The anus is the opening to the lower gastrointestinal (GI) tract and connects to the rectum, which connects to the colon, which traveling backwards connects to the small intestine, then the stomach, then the esophagus and finally the mouth. The anus is approximately 2 to 3 inches long and composed of skin type cells also. The Anus (Human Anatomy): Picture, Definition, Conditions, & More Aglaya. Age: 24. I'm a fun and sultry BBW with tan skin, thick long legs, and full pouty lips Pain, especially with bowel movements, is the main symptom. Anus cancer can spread to other parts as well and lead to fatal consequences. Anus Glands. The anus glands are present in the anal canal of different mammalian species including cats and dogs. They are also present in the humans. John Aglitis, from the Department of Anatomy at the Ohio State University, published a paper in discussing about the presence and anatomy of the anus glands. Lauren. Age: 18. Face Sitting Anal Canal Anatomy Basic Human Anatomy - O'Rahilly, Müller, Carpenter & Swenson The rectovesical and recto-uterine pouches descend to within about 7 to 8 cm and 5 to 6 cm, respectively, of the anus (see figs. and ). Anatomically, the anal canal extends from the level of the upper aspect of the pelvic diaphragm to the anus. The rectum is the final segment of the large intestine that connects the colon to the anus. It stores fecal matter produced in the colon until the body is ready to eliminate the waste through the process of defecation. Anatomy. The rectum is a hollow muscular tube about 8 inches (20 cm) in length and inches in diameter at.

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