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A Special Boy. Asking For It. Week One · Week two · Week Two Part Two · Back to Diapers · C-Baby's First Spanking · Campfire Family - 1 and 2. Discipline Journal. Entry One · Oh Daddy · The Sitter - Part One - It Was My Choice! Well-Spanked Bedwetter. Part 1 · Part 2 – Oh Poop! The contents of this story archive may not. Diapered for wetting the bed / pants. - Discussion on Topix Cristal. Age: 21. Love It was about four in the afternoon and Bobby and I were in the living room, playing Chutes and Ladders. I had a similar situation last cousins were over and my diaper leaked while I was front of my cousins my mom took me over her knee with my pants and diaper at my ankles and gave me a good hard spanking to my hiney.i started to cry and whine to stop because it mom made me  did you get spanked for wetting. Eva. Age: 18. If your looking for something different than look no further!! author: Diaper Spanks When I was a kid it was pretty commonplace to spank for bedwetting and particularly for chronic bedwetting because back then it was viewed as a discipline When wearing just-in-case diapers I did my best to stay dry, but if I could not hold on until the next scheduled stop I just wet my diaper. I was never. A Bed Wetter's diaper story. A diaper My mom might be able to still spank me but I was determined to establish my authority with this new person, whoever she was. We pulled into . "These are the panties you'll be wearing from now on little boy," she said as she pulled them up my legs and over the fat diaper. I blushed.

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Selina. Age: 28. Fun, playful, discreet, ebony companion for the discerning gentleman- May 30, - Keep a calendar and write down how you did each night. Essentially, just do the opposite of a star chart used for helping to stop wetting the bed - put up stars when you succeed in wetting. (Optional - but good to use) If you get up wearing a dry diaper, take a hairbrush and give yourself a good spanking. Dad would take off my diapers every morning and put them in a diaper pail beside my bed so that everyone could see it. Then it was over his knees for a spanking. He made me wear diapers every night for the next three years, but luckily the spankings for being wet stopped only a few weeks after it began. Now remember, your aunt and I trust your judgment. If you think he needs a spanking, you can give him the paddling of his life. I just ask that you change his diapers often; my little sissy has very sensitive skin and diaper rash will make him very cranky!” Bobby lowered his head in shame as his mom stood over him, ridiculing.


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