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Sep 14, - There's the basic hand-to-ass motion during sex, and then there's the bent-over-the-chair, cane- or paddle-to-ass spank; not all those who like a good because spanking is a BDSM practice that has become more normalized and accepted, it's not something that everyone likes, or that everyone should feel  Missing: air. Lesbian Spanking Lesbian Erotic Stories - Veronica Lovelayne - Google Книги Catarina. Age: 26. Allow me to introduce myself I never did that again, she uses all her force into it so I would learn my lesson. I would push the boundaries with my parents but I feel that every teenager pushes their boundaries to see what they can get away with. The child will feel angry and humiliated about the spanking if he feels that there is no reason for it. Getting the child to understand why he is being spanked helps to clear the air of angry feelings and contributes to his gaining self-control. If during your explanation you either begin to realize that you have the facts wrong or. Shy. Age: 25. Welcome to my profile and thank you for stopping to take time to get to know me Trespassers will be Spanked (Letter) I watch it disappear behind my bottom. I expect imminent contact. My muscles tense. No pop, I feel her fingers at my bottom. She spreads me. I feel the nozzle. It enters. It feels good. Wiggling, penetrating, sliding in me, small, nothing like a finger, nothing, absolutely nothing, like a spanking, I startle, inhale a nip of air, relax. Lydia waits, letting me feel the heat building in my backside, enjoying my response to the punishment. Then there's another swoosh as my left cheek gets the same treatment. I don't cry out this time, just grit my teeth and take it. Still, the pain, now filling my entire backside, is worse than I imagined. I hear the air hissing.

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Bella. Age: 28. Wanna play?i am a cd/trap Jul 10, - “So what do I ” I didn't even know where to go from there. “Bend over the desk,” He instructed, coming up behind me. I groaned in protest, but did as he told. The desk was cold on my chest and face. I could actually feel my knees shaking a little as they held my ass up in the air. He walked behind me, and I. His hands grabbed my legs and maneuvered them and then he slid a pillow under my bottom. To give it more support and to make a better target I supposed. I gulped at the thought. Once he deemed I was settled his hand moved to my skirt and suddenly the skirt was lifted over my back and I could feel the cold air on the. Nov 4, - It all started when my wonderful father gave my teacher permission to spank me() whenever he FELT I had misbehaved. . That said, I've spanked my child when I felt there was a sufficient reason. I'm not against . Lying on the bed with my bare ass in the air getting beaten was humiliating and it HURT.


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