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Apr 24, - There's still a great deal of misunderstanding about the subject of simultaneous orgasm – which is when a couple achieve a climax at the same time. I've found that a lot of people think that both men and women are supposed to reach orgasm at the same moment every single time they have sex but, alas. Come together? Not likely! The myth of the simultaneous orgasm - Mail Online Minnie. Age: 22. A multi faceted charmer and world traveler- I adore the sounds of scotch with one ice clinking in a glass, the sound of our laughter and the crinkling of sheets You won't be able to vote or comment. Mar 27, - Can we please get over this idea that we're supposed to come at the same time? Karina. Age: 24. Waiting for you. This is how many couples actually achieve 'shared orgasms' - and how you can do it Mar 16, - A surprising number of couples have climaxed at the same time as their partner, a new study reveals. Dec 9, - men and women reported experiencing simultaneous orgasm occasionally. men and men reported experiencing them rarely, and 64 men and 82 women reported never experiencing them. Statistical analysis of the data, which in this case excluded women who did not experience vaginal.

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Sydney. Age: 18. i can travel everywhere :) Mar 9, - Having simultaneous orgasms may seem as elusive as winning the lottery, but it's easier to achieve if you try these tricks. Nov 15, - Dear Alice,. When my girlfriend and I have sex, we almost always (nine times out of ten) orgasm within a few seconds of each other. Honest! This has been happening daily, with the exception of her periods, for about six months. We are both quite satisfied with each other as sexual partners. Are we an. Nov 12, - The magical mutual, simultaneous orgasm. Is it all it's cracked up to be? How exactly did this event come to be so sensationalized, and take such a powerful symbolic role in human sexuality?Missing: statistic.


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