Saliva harmful to sperm

Sep 24, - Thus, even though a bath tub/hot tub is a warm moist place, water by itself (as opposed to a bath tub of normal saline) can hurt sperm by causing them to absorb unwanted water (osmotic shock). Additionally hot tubs usually have chemicals which can change pH, and add toxic to sperm chemicals. Even the. Can saliva kill sperm - BabyandBump Aurora. Age: 23. +33 758407430 It's like a habbit for him or something lol. Jun 4, - Saliva is the most fertility friendly lubricant to use when you're trying to conceive. False - Saliva is a sperm killer. In fact, most lubricants and massage oils are fertility unfriendly, so best to go without when you're baby making. 4. Boxers are a better bet than briefs when you're trying to conceive. True - Though. Abigaile. Age: 27. I am available for short-time meetings in Khon Kaen or Udonthani with advance notice as I have a very busy schedule with some other businesses I run Invalid URL @hiswifey I have heard that saliva and regular lubes can be harmful to sperm but since this is my first cycle of TTC, I am not sure how harmful. There is a sperm friendly lube out there that is sperm friendly called, PreSeed. I went out and purchased some from CVS and love it!!!! GL. j. Aug 5, at   Is water a good lubricant when TTC? It's science! There are enzymes in saliva that are harmful to sperm. Also, sperm need a certain pH level to survive and saliva interferes with that. Even water can cause osmotic shock. Status: Offline.

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Jolie. Age: 21. hi guys if you want a great moments with a clean and beautfull girl and delicate i am just one phone call faare away I've heard from multiple websites that saliva can kill sperm just like any other lubricant like KY or something. My hubby uses his saliva down there alot when he first puts it in and when we change. Nix Oral Sex: The acid in saliva can kill sperm. If oral sex is performed before intercourse, the saliva can actually prevent a number of sperm from living long enough to make it to the egg for conception. Lead and Chemical Testing: Lead poisoning or high lead levels can impair fertility in men. There are also a number of other.


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