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May 2, - Put the air hose into your anus and shove it deep into your colon, so that it doesn't come out, when you pump. Rub a little bit on your clit in your anus/rectum. The vagina has a limited length and you can get objects out of it but the anatomy of the rectum is different and objects can easily get stuck up there. Air Pump Stuck Into Chinese Child’s Anus as Prank – chinaSMACK Jordan. Age: 23. Watch out for flakes The doctor says the will to survive is very important for the child. Results of the test will be sent to your doctors office. Did a year-old boy in Thailand die from having air pumped up his rectum? Two of Du Chuanwang's co-workers at the gas station where they all worked inserted the nozzle of an air pump hose into the youngster's anus then blew air through it, in the process damaging Du's liver, kidneys, and stomach and causing. Irma. Age: 30. Hi guys if you have dreams come with mi in mi world and i well make your dreams really hot and sweet Alegra kisss Pumping Death An air enema is where air is injected into the anus filling the rectum and colon. Air or CO2 is also This easy to use, quality syringe allows you to place the nozzle end of the syringe into anus and pump as much air as you can hold. Or place the suction end of the of air will be given. The barium will show up outlining your. Jul 27, - A TEN-YEAR-OLD boy has died after a work colleague at a textile factory inserted a compressor hose into his rectum and pumped air into his body. Earlier this year, a man had to have an inch homemade sex toy surgically removed from his anus. And in October last year, a man got a knife wedged into.

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Sydnee. Age: 27. Hello, i am a very beautiful and classy ebony model, sexy and very vivacious Nov 19, - Even the slightest bit more air entering his anus would have damaged his diaphragm and other organs, putting his life in further jeopardy. More surprisingly, this is not the first such case the hospital had dealt with before. A mechanic once had air injected up his backside from a tire pump while he was. Feb 27, - Not at all, During procedures such as a colonoscopy air is pumped in there until it swells like a balloon your bowel will not hold enough air to hurt you. the real issue would be how is he getting the air in there. If he is using a tube or something make sure it is smooth and well lubricated so you don't get an. Jul 12, - 小溪办事_王羲: Just went to the hospital to visit Du Chuanwang. This year-old mother-less child had gone to work in an auto repair shop to help take care of his family ended up having a high pressure pneumatic air pump gun stuck into his anus by two workers who then pumped air into him! The child's.


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